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united home life insurance company reviewYour life and health are the most important thing.

The one and only thing that is more important is your family, those people you love.

They mean the world to you and you never want to see them go through any turmoil.

This desire is why people rush to buy life insurance. They want to get insurance protection as quickly as possible. The thought of being unprotected can be terrifying for them.

Protecting those you hold dearest, ensuring they never have to suffer through the pains of not only the loss of family but also the serious financial problems of a funeral, is the most critical issue to many.

Before buying life insurance, though, you must know that what you are buying fits your current needs and life. Reading up on companies and reviews, such as Banner Life Insurance Review, is what will provide you with the informed decision you need.

This is why there is this United Home life insurance company review to begin with. You want to know what they offer and what fits into your own life before making the jump into buying it.

A Closer Look at United Home Life and Their Policies

There are three plans to be covered in this United Home life insurance company review, which are graded benefit, express issue term, and express issue whole life. There are different positive and negatives to each, depending on what it is a person needs and wants, but they all do give you the opportunity to leave something behind for your family. Those you love cannot, and should not, be left without any help, making this a need.

Because everyone is different, each family has different needs for life insurance protection. You’ll need to consider every plan and decide which ones suits your needs the best. There is no “one size fits all” policy that will work well for every person.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

The first, graded benefit, is great for those who have serious health issues. You can buy a guaranteed issue whole life policy or 10 year, depending on which you think you would need, and just need to pass some tests. The coverage is anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, which is enough to pay for either some or all of the costs after death. This also comes with some special benefits, like a free extended hospital stay, to help people through already difficult situations. This can relieve many and even take away a burden once heavy on their mind. Graded benefit is capable of fitting into many lives and does what all people seek, offer coverage to get a family through a hard time.

Express Issue Term (Premier)

Express issue term is great for those seeking insurance for only a set amount of time but are in need of more. Going all the way up to $150,000, this no exam life insurance policy does a lot more than cover funeral costs, it can help pay many bills when you are gone and allows life to remain normal.

While express issue term is great for those seeking something a little more short term, express issue whole life is better for those expecting to live much longer. Like the name suggests, express issue whole life is for your entire life. You have all of the benefits of term but without the premiums after a set amount of years.

Express Issue Whole Life

UHL’s express issue whole life product ranges in coverage from $2k-$100k.  (The $100k is only available in the Premier product to age 60) These are also no medical exam life policies.

These are a great option for anyone that wants to get quick coverage, but doesn’t want to have to reapply for coverage in the future or worry about losing coverage. These whole life plans are an excellent option for life insurance, but they are going to be more expensive than the low cost term insurance counterpart. If you’re looking for the most affordable policy, whole life isn’t the best choice.

How much coverage do I need?

Aside from choosing the right policy, it’s vital that you purchase enough coverage for you and your loved ones. You should never buy life insurance before you do the calculations.

The first is all of your debt and final expenses. Add up your major bills, like your mortgage and student loans. After you’ve gotten all your major bills calculated, you need to make sure your plan is bigger than this number.

The other goal of your life insurance policy is to help replace your salary for those that rely on that paycheck for basic needs. The larger your salary is, the more life insurance you need.

Before you purchase any policy to protect your family, ensure that the coverage is going to be enough for your loved ones. Not having enough could leave them stranded with thousands of dollars in debt and final expenses that they don’t have the money to pay off, which can cause significant financial strain.


United Home Life Insurance Ratings

While the company is relatively small by life insurance company standards they have been able to maintain a solid financial history.  A.M Best gives United Home an A- or “Excellent” rating for their financial stability.  They have also been able to maintain this rating for more than five years.  This means that if you are looking for a no exam policy and United home were to come up with the best rates, we would have no problems recommending them to you as an option for your coverage.

Final Thoughts on United Home Life

Every insurance plan has its ups and down, but it is important to know which work for you. A United Home life insurance company review offers you with everything you need to make the decision you are happy with making. You must ensure your family remains safe, which requires the right insurance.

We are an independent agency that works with all of the best life insurance companies.  This allows us to help you find the right policy for your needs instead of trying to fit your needs into the policy offerings of a single company.

Each life insurance company is different. They all have different types of policies and will offer you different rates depending on your health and circumstances. Because there are thousands of companies, you could spend weeks calling agents and answering the same questions. You can let our agents at Life Insurance by Jeff do the work.

Unlike traditional insurance agents, our agents are independent, which means that we work with dozens of companies across the United States. We can help you compare all of your options at a fraction of the time. If you want to get your own life insurance quotes then use the form on this page or call us at 888-836-7071. We can answer any questions you have.