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select quote life insurance reviewsIf you are like me, then you think that getting the best price on life insurance could be a hassle.

Well, getting term life insurance has never been easier these days. With the many companies that are fighting to get your business, getting competitive rates is simple.

It might take you weeks looking to get the best insurance plan to meet your needs since there are so many life insurance carriers in the country. Every insurance company is different, so  your quotes from them could vary greatly.

Select Quote is a great way to get the best Term Life Insurance rates. Select Quote is an independent agency, meaning that they offer coverage from a array of different life insurance companies. This allows a select quote agent to match you with the insurance company that will offer you the best rating..

Using Select Quote

I will take you step-by-step of how easy Select Quote is to use. When you go to the select Quote website you can access the free quote system two way, by clicking the “Free Quote” at the top or the “Start Your Free Quote” in the middle

Once you click on one of these buttons you will be taken to a page where you can either begin to fill out your Select Quote Profile online, or speak with a Select Quote agent right now by calling their number. I decided the best way would be to fill out the online form.

How to Get a FREE Quote


Step 1

The first step in receiving your free quote is to fill out your profile. Your profile includes your name, age and any health conditions you may have, such as if you have diabetes. It also includes if you are replacing a policy you already have, what kind of policy you are looking for and the amount you would like to be covered by.

Life Insurance Profile: Step 1


Step 2

The second step is about your family history. This includes health problem that you mother, father or any sibling has had. It also ask about your driving record and your nicotine habits as they both can influence the cost of your premium.

Life Insurance Profile: Step 2

Step 3

Step three asks any dangerous sports or activities that you take part of as well as the final information they need to contact you.

Life Insurance Profile: Step 3

Step 4

Upon completion of your profile you will be given a reference number and an agent that will review your case and match you with the best insurance provider.

Select Quote: Your Agent

About thirty minutes after I had submitted my profile a Select Quote agent contacted me. The agent went back through my profile to make sure that they had all the correct information, and then proceeded to ask me questions about what exactly I was looking for. The agent was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products and companies that they recommended. The agent then emailed me price quotes on different amounts of coverage.

5oo,ooo policy

350,000 policy

The next step in this process would be to select an insurance company that is right for you. Your agent will then schedule a mini medical checkup to check your current health condition. After your checkup the agent will review the insurance companies policies with you. After you make your decision you can now breath a little bit easier knowing that you have a peace of mind for your family if something were ever to happen to you.

The experience with Select Quote was good, so it’s nice to know that some of my competition is good.  🙂   I’m proud to say that our services are on par with them.

Getting Affordable Life Insurance Coverage

When you’re shopping for life insurance coverage, there are several ways to try and get the lowest premiums available. Making a few simple changes can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance coverage every month. We’ve already talked about using Select Quote to compare dozens of rates, but that’s not the only thing that you can do.

Tip number one is to cut out tobacco usage. If you’re wanting to search for affordable coverage you need to stop tobacco use at least a year in advance of applying for a policy. The risk you are to the carrier as a user is higher than those who stay away from cigarettes which shows us why you might be charged double when your quotes come back!

Tip two is about taking care of your body. The med exam you’ll go through will include several measurements to help the carrier better understand how risky you will be to insure. Ways to improve your health are to stick to a healthy diet and start getting regular exercise. Combined these tips will give you a head start on finding affordable premiums for your ideal plan.

How Much Health Insurance Should You Buy?

One of the most notable factors that is going to impact your premiums is how large of a plan that you’re going to buy. The larger plan that you buy, the more that you’re going to pay every month. It’s important that you decide how much life insurance you need before you apply for a plan. There are several different categories that you’ll need to calculate to ensure that you’re getting enough life ensure for your family.

After an insured passes away there are always left over debts that need to be paid, and major expenses that have to be taken care of. To know how much to buy start by tallying those numbers together.  Your total should be the minimum amount of life insurance you purchase.

If you have it in your budget we will suggest that you put a few years of annual salary in the face value of your plan as well. After your family takes care of the debts and other expenses they will need income-replacement cash to help them through the first few years without you. It’s vital that for maximum coverage you add about 5 years worth of salary to your plan.

We are always available to answer questions and help lead you through this process. Our advisors are very knowledgeable and their main goal is to find a plan in your budget that gives you the most coverage.  We aim to make you and your family happy by protecting their and your financial future.

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