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crohns disease life insurance

There are dozens of different factors that could impact your life insurance plan.  If you are suffering from Crohn’s Disease, you may think your medical condition will prevent you from ever getting life insurance.

This simply isn’t true.

There are plenty of affordable options to get you the life insurance protection that your family deserves.  While Crohn’s Disease is a serious medical condition, just having this disease isn’t enough to disqualify you from getting approved for life insurance.

The cheapest life insurance rates and coverage for you depends on the severity of your disease and your personal situation.  In this article, we will look at the life insurance underwriting guidelines for people with Crohn’s Disease so you know your insurance options.

Life Insurance Underwriting With Crohn’s Disease

As you begin your life insurance application, every carrier’s questionnaire will likely have the same types of questions, with slight variances. They’ll be something to the tune of:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • When did you last show symptoms of Crohn’s Disease?
  • How many episodes have you had over the past 6 months, 5 years, and in total?
  • Have you ever had to go to the hospital because of your condition?
  • Are you taking any medications for your condition?
  • Has surgery even been recommended and have you ever had surgery?
  • Was your condition ever bad enough to qualify you for disability?

Common medications include for Crohn’s Disease include:  Sulfasalazine, Mesalamine, Azathioprine, Purinethol, Infliximab, and Adalimumab.  Thought it does depend on other factors, none of these should be an immediate declination.

You’ll want to disclose any and all medications to your agent or underwriter as soon as you can, especially on the application itself. If an insurance underwriter doesn’t have a complete picture of your condition, your chances of a rated policy or a rejection go way up.

Your Crohn’s disease information isn’t going to be the only factor that the life insurance company looks at when deciding to insure you or not. Additionally, they are going to want a full overview of your health. This will include your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and much more. After the application process, expect to provide blood and urine samples by way of an exam before any further underwriting can be completed.

Life Insurance Quotes With Crohn’s Disease

While Crohn’s Disease is a chronic condition, it is usually not fatal. This is why applicants with this disease can typically qualify for life insurance. It’s only when the disease is severe enough to cause frequent diarrhea, weight loss, and inflammation of the kidneys and livers that applicants run into high risk life insurance problems as these issues can lead to other serious health risks.

Your life insurance quote depends on your answers to the questions above as well as your insurer’s underwriting guidelines.

  • Preferred Plus Applicants with Crohn’s Disease almost never qualify for Preferred Plus, the best possible rating. The chances of future complications are just too high.
  • Preferred Possible in rare cases. Crohn’s Disease symptoms must have been in remission for at least 36 months and never have been serious enough to cause hospitalization. A perfect health record otherwise will also be required.
  • Standard:  Best possible rating for most applicants. Symptoms are in remission for at least 36 months. No hospitalizations and only mild symptoms during past flare-ups.
  • Table Rating (substandard) Most applicants. Your rating will depend on the severity of your symptoms, the age you were diagnosed, whether you went to the hospital and/or needed surgery, and whether your condition is ongoing or in remission.
  • Declines: If there are signs of dysplasia on any biopsies or sclerosing cholangitis.  Recent hospitalizations can also lead to a decline.

Just to be clear, your rating directly impacts your premiums, or the amount you pay. The better rating that you get, the less risk you are to insure, and the less that you’ll pay every month for your insurance protection.

Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance Case Studies

To get approved for life insurance with Crohn’s Disease, you need to be up front and honest on your application.

Here are a couple case studies that highlight the benefits of a proper application.

Case Study: Male, 32 y/o, non-smoker, single flare-up. Short period of steroid use for symptoms. In remission for 4 years.  No health issues.

This client was only able to receive Standard rates or worse with his previous applications. We suggested he submit a letter describing his healthy lifestyle, solid work history, and otherwise perfect medical records. We also told him to make sure he listed the steroid use on his application, something he neglected on past applications. With this more clear application, he was able to obtain a Preferred rating on his policy and get a rate discount. This is not typical but can definitely happen.

Case Study #2:  Female, 42 y/o, non-smoker, ongoing symptoms of diarrhea and mild bleeding, hospitalized 4 years ago for symptoms.

With fairly severe symptoms, this applicant had trouble receiving anything better than a rated policy. However, her condition had improved significantly since her hospitalization because she started taking better care of her symptoms. We set her up with a company that specialized in applicants with Crohn’s Disease and better understood her condition. We also recommended she ask her doctor for an explanation of her history and improvement. This helped her upgrade to a more affordable Standard rating.

When you have Crohn’s Disease, the right application and insurance company make a big difference for your rating. Working with a broker that understands this condition will make sure you handle this process correctly.

We know that finding the perfect life insurance policy can be difficult. Our independent insurance agents can make the process quick and painless, to a degree.

We can discuss your preferences and help you calculate your life insurance needs as well as when to buy life insurance.   Additionally, we can compare dozens of insurance policies at once, without the need to call all of the companies yourself.

Feel free to ask us questions regarding your Crohn’s, and we can evaluate, to a pretty accurate level, what kinds of prices you’ll be able to expect, even before you apply. Call us today.