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Life Insurance for Cigar SmokersWhen you’re a smoker, there is such a wide range of insurance company attitudes toward smoking that it pays to find out which ones have good rates for smokers.

For cigar smokers, there are additional criteria that you can meet in order to get a better rate on life insurance.

Occasional Cigar Smoking

To get life insurance for cigar smokers, it certainly pays to look into as many life insurance companies, like Banner Life Insurance, to find one that makes a distinction between cigar and cigarette smoking. Though there is generally little difference between the rates for cigarette and cigar smoker rates if you smoke cigars daily, there are many companies that look at the occasional cigar differently than regular cigar smoking.

Being labeled as a tobacco user is a general label that many insurance companies will give you no matter how often you smoke. However, there are some companies that consider the occasional cigar, such as one per week or per month, in a different category. With this type of life insurance for smokers, you aren’t given the standard tobacco rate that is generally double the non-smoker rate.

When you smoke the occasional cigar, your medical test can still show that you are free from nicotine. If you smoke cigars occasionally, you may be subject to urine or blood testing to ensure that you test nicotine free. You must also disclose that you occasionally smoke cigars when you fill out the application as well as other conditions affecting you health.  When applying for life insurance, honestly is always the best policy, even if you only smoke a couple cigars a year, telling the agent will save you time and frustration later.

Some insurance companies offer non-tobacco rates for applicants who smoke the occasional cigar.

Others have special rates just for people who don’t smoke cigarettes and who smoke cigars. Whether that means the occasional cigar or regular cigar smoking will vary with the individual company. However, applicants must generally test negative for nicotine when they are given a urine test in order to get these special rates on life insurance for cigar smokers.

If you’re an occasional cigar smoker (only on special occasions or a couple a month), you may have received unreasonably high monthly premiums. If you’ve received a life insurance quote that made your jaw drop, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You probably just contacted the wrong company.

You need to find an insurance carrier who has a lot of experience working with cigar smokers. Each company is going to use different standards for cigar smokers. It’s important to find the perfect company that works for you.

Aside from finding experienced agents, it’s important that you receive quotes from several companies before you decide on one. More than likely the first quote that you receive from a company isn’t going to be the lowest. Make sure to get several before you pick one. While you could spend hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over, we can do all the work for you. Fill out the simple quote form and we can compile the lowest rates possible.

A Life Insurance Policy can benefit everyone in the family.

A life insurance policy is the safety net your family deserves. You never want to use it, but better to have it just in case. Just imagine if it wasn’t there. Your family would be falling into a mount of debt.

Once you decide which company is going to fit your needs the best, the next decision is determining how much life insurance you need. It’s important to find the perfect balance of having enough money to cover your family, and not paying too much in monthly premiums. Your plan size is going to be a significant factor in calculating your monthly payments.  So, how do you figure out how much you need? There are several different things for you to consider that can help you decide how much life insurance you need. You’ll need to look at how much debt you have and how many people rely on your annual income.

Before you buy a high risk life insurance plan, sit down at look at your debts you would leave behind if you were to die tomorrow (cheery thought, right?). You would add all of it up since the total is a great starting point. A very important point is to make sure to calculate mortgage, car payments, student loans (or student loans you could have in the future), credit card payments, and funeral expenses into your total.

The other thing that you have to look at is how much people rely on your annual income to meet their basic necessities. If you have a spouse and children that use your salary as their main source of support, then losing it can have devastating effects on the family or those who benefit from the policy.  If you don’t have anyone other than yourself that uses your income, then you can consider taking out a smaller policy and saving money every month. For example, if your spouse works and your children have already moved out of the house, then a smaller policy is probably a better idea.

You know there is really no magic number regarding how much whole or term life insurance you should purchase, but most experts suggest getting at least ten times your annual salary. This might seem like a little much, but it will give your family enough money.

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