Life Insurance with Autism or Asperger’s

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Life insurance is one of the most important purchases that you’ll ever make for your loved ones. If something tragic were to happen to you, your family would be left with all of your debts and final expenses. If they were responsible for all of your bills, they could be left with a mountain of debt, and no way to pay off any of those expenses, which can make an already difficult situation a thousand times worse.

If you or a family member is suffering from autism or Asperger’s it might seem like the condition would make qualifying for life insurance impossible. This isn’t true. Many applicants with these mental conditions are still able to qualify for life insurance at a decent price.

Whether someone can qualify depends on a number of factors including the severity of their mental condition. To give you an idea of what it takes to qualify for life insurance with autism or Asperger’s we have put together the complete underwriting guide for these conditions.

Life Insurance Underwriting for Autism/Asperger’s

Life Insurance with Autism/Asperger’s When you apply for life insurance with autism or Asperger’s, the insurance agent will need to ask several questions about the condition. Applicants need to answer:

  • What is the applicant’s official diagnosis for autism/Asperger’s?
  • Has the applicant been diagnosed with any psychiatric disorders or an intellectual disability?
  • Does the applicant have physical impairments like Cerebral palsy or a history of seizures?
  • Does the applicant need assistance with activities of daily living (feeding, bathing, dressing, etc.) or instrumental activities of daily living (cooking, driving, housecleaning)?
  • Does the applicant have any other major health problems?
  • What medications is the applicant currently taking?

While there are no medications that apply directly for autism/Asperger’s, applicants may be taking medications for other mental conditions like antidepressants, anxiety medications, and antipsychotic drugs. These medications could be insurable depending on an applicant’s situation.

Insurance companies ask many questions about these conditions because they need lots of information to make a decision. Be sure to provide all this information as insurance companies are more likely to reject an application that looks incomplete.

Life Insurance Quotes with Autism/Asperger’s

Life insurance companies rate applicants with autism or Asperger’s on a few different factors. First, they consider whether an applicant just has autism/Asperger’s or if they have other more serious issues like Rett syndrome or other physical/mental impairments. They also consider an applicant’s age. Generally, it is better for someone to apply when they are 15 or older.

Beyond considering these factors, insurance companies will also review an applicant’s overall health to make a decision. While each company has slightly different standards, here are some general underwriting guidelines to help you predict a rating.

  • Preferred Plus: Impossible for applicants that have autism or Asperger’s. Insurance companies are too worried about future problems from these conditions to give an applicant the best possible rating.
  • Preferred: Also impossible for applicants that have autism or Asperger’s. Insurance companies are reluctant to give a discount to an applicant with this serious a mental condition.
  • Standard: Best possible rating for an applicant with autism or Asperger’s. The applicant would need to high-functioning and alert despite the condition and not have any other physical or mental issues as a result of this condition. The applicant should also be at least 15 years old and be in otherwise decent health to get a standard rating.
  • Table Rating (substandard): Most likely rating for applicants with autism or Asperger’s provided they don’t have Rett syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder. An applicant’s rating will depend on whether they have any other mental or physical conditions due to their autism/Asperger’s, their overall mental function, and their overall physical health.
  • Declines: Applicants that have Rett syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder are often denied coverage because these conditions typically lead to more serious problems. Also, applicants with serious mental or physical problems on top of their autism/Asperger’s will also likely be denied coverage.

Austism/Asperger’s Insurance Case Studies

While qualifying for life insurance with autism or Asperger’s is always a challenge, a good application can help. Here are a couple real life case studies that show the difference a well-planned application can make.

Case Study: Female, 20 y/o, diagnosed with autism at 7, parents tried purchasing life insurance for her right away and she was denied, no other physical or mental problems

When this applicant was diagnosed with autism at 7, her parents thought it would be a good idea to buy her life insurance right away before anything else happened. When her application was denied, her parents assumed that she just couldn’t qualify for life insurance. After reading our site, they realized their mistake was applying to early and now that she was older, her chances were better. We also referred them to a company that regularly dealt with autism. By trying again this time, the applicant received a Standard rating as her autism hadn’t developed into any other problems.

Case Study #2: Male, 25, had Asperger’s since 10, suffered from depression at 20, starting taking antidepressants at 22 and recovered.

This applicant had Asperger’s since he was 10 and was also diagnosed with depression at 20 partially due to his mental condition. After taking antidepressants for a year, this applicant recovered from his depression and was in better overall health. However, when he tried applying for life insurance at 25, he couldn’t get a good rating. We thought this was because insurance companies saw his past history of depression and were worried that this was too much on top of his Asperger’s. We recommended he see his therapist and get a note vouching that due to medication and therapy, this client had his depression under control. With this new information, the applicant applied and received a Substandard Level 1 policy, the best rating before Standard.

If you are looking for life insurance for someone with autism or Asperger’s, it might be a good idea to get some professional help with your application. Our company specializes in finding coverage for applicants with these conditions. We can help you put together a solid application and match you up with the best companies for your situation.

For more information and free insurance quotes, call or fill out our online application form today. Every insurance company is different, which means that you could get drastically different quotes depending on which company that you receive the rates from. If you want to get the most affordable plan, you’ll need to receive dozens of quotes before picking the one that works best for you.

Unlike traditional life insurance agents, we are independent agents, which means that we represent dozens of highly rated companies across the nation and we can bring all of the best policy rates directly to you. There are thousands of companies on the market, which means that you could spend weeks trying to find the best company for an applicant with autism or Asperger’s, or you can let us do all of that work for you.

Our agents have years of experience working with all kinds of applicants, and we know which companies are going to give you the best rates based on your specific situation. Even if you’ve been declined in the past, we can help you get affordable life insurance protection through a no medical exam life insurance plan.

These no medical exams will allow you to get life insurance protection without being required to take the exam, which means that you can get coverage regardless of your health or any pre-existing health conditions that you have. Everyone deserves to have the insurance protection that their family needs, and your health shouldn’t stop you.

If you have any questions about getting life insurance with autism or Asperger’s, please contact one of our agents today. We would be happy to answer those questions and ensure that you’re getting the best plan to meet your needs. Because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, you shouldn’t wait any longer to get the life insurance protection that your family deserves.

Getting life insurance can be a long and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our agents can help you find the best plan and make the process as quick and simple as possible.

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