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The heart uses an electrical system to set the pace of the heartbeat.

However, if you have an Atrioventricular Block (AV block), a problem impairs this system which can cause an irregular heartbeat and possibly more serious heart problems.

If you have an AV block, it could be an issue when you apply for life insurance. It really depends on the seriousness of your condition and your overall health.

To get ready for your application, be sure to review our guide to life insurance with Atrioventricular blocks. This article is going to explore the ways that you can get quality and affordable life insurance coverage, even with atrioventricular blocks. Not only that, but we will also how you some ways that you can save money on your life insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Underwriting with AV blocks

Life Insurance with Atrioventricular Blocks When you apply for life insurance with an AV block, the insurance agent will need to ask several questions about your condition. Expect to answer:

  • When were you diagnosed with an AV block?
  • What type and degree of AV block do you have?
  • What is your normal, resting heartbeat?
  • Have you had any heart issues like congenital heart failure, coronary artery disease, or a Stokes-Adams attack?
  • Do you have a pacemaker?
  • Are there other issues or risk for heart disease?
  • Are you taking any medications for your heart?

While medications aren’t prescribed for an AV block, your doctor may prescribe medications to prevent heart disease.

Please be honest when you give your answers. You want insurance writers to feel like they have all the information needed to make a decision based on your AV block.

If your application seems complete, they will get nervous and might give you a worse rating than you deserve.

Life Insurance Quotes with an AV Block

There is a wide range in the seriousness of different AV blocks. A First degree AV block only causes electric impulse that causes your heart to beat to slow down. A Second degree AV block causes the occasional missed impulse while a Third Degree block completely disrupts the impulses of the heart causing the atria and ventricles to beat independently.

A higher degree AV block has a higher risk of heart problems like a heart attack so the higher the degree of your condition, the worse your rating will likely be. A low degree AV block might not have any impact on your rating at all. Insurance underwriters need a full snapshot of your health to finalize their decision, here are some general underwriting guidelines for someone with an AV block.

  • Preferred Plus: Possible for an applicant with a very mild First degree AV block that is rated benign. This typically happens when someone is very athletic and the AV block is more a sign of them being very fit rather than an actual heart issue. Applicant would need to be in near perfect health and not have any other heart issues.
  • Preferred: Also possible for someone with a First Degree AV block. The AV block should be mild, meaning the P-R electric impulse is no more than 0.29 seconds. The applicant should also be in very good health to get a preferred rating.
  • Standard: Most likely the best possible rating for an applicant with an AV block. An applicant with a First Degree AV block should have a P-R electric impulse no longer than 0.29 seconds. An applicant with a Second Degree AV block should have a resting heart rate higher than 40 and not have any signs of heart trouble, like dizziness and chest pain. An applicant with a Third Degree AV block could get a Standard rating if they figured the cause of the block and treated it, for example the block was caused by a bad reaction to a medication. To get this rating, applicants should also be in decent overall health.
  • Table Rating (substandard): Applicants with a First Degree AV block would likely get a rated policy if their P-R electric impulse is longer than 0.29 seconds. Applicants with a Second Degree AV block may be qualify for rated policies if their heart rates are lower than 40. Applicants with a Third Degree AV block could get a rated policy if the condition has been treated with only minor heart problems.
  • Declines: Applicants with Second and Third Degree AV blocks could be denied coverage if the cause of their AV blocks is unknown. Also, applicants that have a history of heart disease or other risk factors for heart problems could be denied coverage.

AV Block Life Insurance Case Studies

Applying for life insurance with an AV block can be a little tricky because underwriters will be looking more closely at your application. A little preparation though can help so learn from these instances.

Case Study: Male, 58 y/o, non-smoker, diagnosed with a Second Degree AV Block at 55, otherwise in good health and no signs of heart trouble

He was in pretty good health at the time of his diagnosis so it was a bit of shock when the doctor gave him the news. The condition wasn’t too serious and his heart rate was above 40. Given the new he figured it would be alright to go ahead and apply for coverage. Unfortunately that application was declined. What the client didn’t realize is that insurance companies often want an applicant to wait a year or two after an AV block diagnosis to make sure no more serious problems develop. We told the client this information and also recommended he get an ECG to show his heart was still in decent shape. When he applied again, the client received a Standard rating.

Case Study #2: Female, 59 y/o, diagnosed with a First Degree AV Block at 56. She used to be a tobacco user and has recently lost weight!

Her life was not under control from a health standpoint for years. When she was diagnosed with a First Degree AV Block at 56, it inspired her to live a healthier lifestyle. She kicked her unhealthy habits, and as a result, her AV Block didn’t lead to any more serious problems. However, when she tried to apply for coverage, she didn’t get the rating she hoped for. We thought this was because insurance companies had placed a large emphasis on her prior health history. We let her know it would be wise for her doctor to write a quick note on how her health had changed. And what do you know? The application went though and her rating increased!.

Getting Affordable Life Insurance Coverage

Everyone has options available to them to get affordable coverage. Don’t fill your brain with excuses on why you might not be qualified for cheaper premiums.

One of our top suggestions is to cut out any unhealthy habits. Whether that habit be smoking, or chewing tobacco. You need to understand how much your premium will increase if you have used any tobacco products within in the last year. It could be more than double the normal price.Kicking these habits could save you thousands.

Scoring well on your medical exam will save you money. The way to accomplish that is by beginning to live a healthy life. Though if you choose not to there is always the possibility to buy life insurance with no medical exam, which will come at a higher premium rate. Once your results are examined and combed through by the underwriter it’ll give them an idea of your risk. The greater the risk the higher the premium, so you definitely want to pose as little risk to the carrier as possible.

Don’t let your AV Block get in the way of your life insurance goals. While it might be a challenge, you could still get coverage at a fair price. Le us assist you. Our company specializes in finding insurance for applicants with an AV Block. We will guide you in the right direction!

For more information and free rate quotes, please call or fill out our online application form.