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do you need life insurance at age 55Do you need life insurance at age 55?

At this age, if you aren’t already thinking about life insurance, you should be. Term life insurance often comes up when speaking of life insurance for people of this age. This is because it not only offers a large number of benefits, but it comes at little cost to the policyholder.

With as many options as there are available in this day, it is often hard to sort through them all and find one that is most suitable for your needs. Every individual is different in his needs both financially and personally so it is hard to apply a one-size-fits-all policy pertaining to life insurance. Many may find that life insurance without exam is the best for their needs at this time in their life.

Fortunately, the Internet proves to be a vast resource for shopping and comparing rates on life insurance. There are plenty of tools online that make it easy to compare rates and benefits of life insurance. The amount of life insurance companies present online is extraordinary so comparing between multiple companies comes with ease.

Life Insurance and Your Financial Future

Perhaps one of the most popular forms of life insurance for someone of age 55 is term life insurance. Cheap term life insurance will financially cover your survivors in the event of death by taking care of basically all of your debts and bills.

Additionally, term life insurance can also cover funeral expenses as well as any leftover medicals debts. With all of these benefits, it is not difficult to think that these types of life insurance policies may come at a high price. The fact of the matter is that term life insurance for those of the age 55 is surprisingly inexpensive given all of the benefits.

A 55 year old male can obtain a $250,000 policy for as little as $19.69. A $200,000 policy will run a 55 year old male $45.56 a month.

Sex10 Year20 Year30 Year
MaleProtective - $38.97/monthSBLI - $66.56/monthBanner - $136.06/month
FemaleProtective - $30.04/monthSBLI - $51.11/monthBanner - $98.00/month

As you can see, this rate is surprisingly affordable. Of course these rates are quoted for an average male who is considered healthy with no pre-existing conditions. Regardless, the benefits that come with these affordable rates are boundless. For as little as a couple of dollars a day, you can live with the peace of mind knowing your family is financially protect in the event of your absence.

It is okay to not comfortable searching for life insurance policies on the Internet, you can always look locally for advice from an insurance agent who specializes in life insurance. Life insurance is fairly simple to obtain but sometimes a little guidance may be necessary, especially if you have special conditions that need to be considered.

Having pre-existing conditions or something of the like that can affect your rates negatively, do not give up hope.

Finding the Best Rates for 55 Year Olds

The best thing you can do to make sure you are getting the lowest price on your life insurance premiums is to work with an independent agent that knows the over 50 life insurance market.  What we do is work with all the companies that will view your individual case in the best light.  That way you get to choose which plan works best for you and the needs of your family.  There are plenty of options still available for you and having someone who is knowledgeable in life insurance is always helpful.

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