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For a healthy individual, get a cheap term life insurance policy should be relatively easy. I’ve been fortunate to have locked in a “preferred class” rating each time I have applied.

affordable high risk life insuracne quotesBut what if you’re not super fit or live a more “adventurous” life style? High risk life insurance quotes is necessary for many life insurance buyers because they present a higher risk to the insurance company.

An additional factor which may be involved could be that someone works at a dangerous job. When this is the situation, like the ones previously mentioned, then it will likely make a life insurance policy more expensive, if it is available at all. This is also known as impaired risk life insurance.

Saving Money with High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

OK, so let’s assume you are in the market to buy life insurance, and you have one of the issues that cause you to be considered as a high risk. Here is the most important recommendation that I can give you to save money:

You must get life insurance quotes from an agent that represents more than one company. The reason is simple: since you are going to be paying a “surcharge” for your life insurance, you will benefit the most from getting quotes from multiple high risk life insurance companies.

Each life insurance company will consider medical conditions slightly different than other companies. This is because they may have a different experience with those medical conditions, as well as they may be using different statistics or data from various research companies. Therefore, this is not an uncommon factor in determining life insurance premiums for individuals looking for impaired risk life insurance.

This is more important for you than it is for someone who is super healthy and is not paying an upcharge for life insurance.

Contact an independent agent like us in order to get the absolute best quote to get the following benefits:

  • You will save money because we will shop multiple high risk life insurance companies rates for you
  • We already have a good idea of which companies have easier underwriting for specific medical conditions and occupations
  • You don’t have to talk with multiple insurance agents

The net result is that we make it convenient for you, and therefore you save time and money.

One more important piece of life insurance buying advice I always recommend is to try to best estimate your family budget for the life insurance you want to purchase.

As a result, this will greatly help you and anyone else in your family make the best decision when considering your options, especially if you have medical conditions.

High Risk Health Conditions

You may be healthy as a horse, but because you are a risk taking, thrill seeking adventurer who likes to say these famous last words to your friends, “Hey, watch this…” you may find yourself being considered a high risk individual.

These are just some of the categories of activities, hobbies, or lifestyles (or addictions or just plain bad habits) that will cause you to generally pay extra on your life insurance quotes:

Even non-fatal things like ADHD or OCD can have an effect, too.

If you do like to engage in some of these more dangerous activities, then be prepared to answer questions related to them such as how often do you do these, and what is your experience in these areas. Also do you have any type of special credentials or certifications in these areas?

Professions that require High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

The last category of those seeking high risk life insurance quotes are those finding themselves in hazardous occupations, like flying. Hopefully this isn’t you, but if it is, maybe your wages are more than enough to help pay for higher life insurance premiums.

Let’s look at some of these occupations, and keeping in mind this isn’t an exhaustive list, you may have some idea if you are in a hazardous occupation, and need to look for life insurance for high risk individuals.

For example, if you have to wear a harness, tote a gun, can’t buy workers compensation insurance because it is too expensive, wear some type of complete protection suit that keeps water or deadly unknown viruses from penetrating your suit, work over 3 stories high or underwater, have a chainsaw as your primary work tool, work for a company called Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey, or can be seen on TV on the Deadliest Catch, then you probably have a high risk profession and will being paying extra on your life insurance premiums.

Oh yeah, if you’re constantly traveling to Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, or other countries on the US State Department’s not recommended dangerous travel list, then forget about it!

Options if you can’t get initial Life Insurance offers

Here are a few options to consider if you are rated up too high or you don’t receive initial high risk life insurance quotes:

Check with your employer to see if you are offered group voluntary life insurance at work through payroll deduction. Many times this life insurance is guaranteed. One of the insurance companies that offer these type products is the Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. You don’t have to work for a large corporation for this plan to be available. This is called work site marketing and it is becoming increasingly popular among employers.

Contact us for our guaranteed life insurance plans. The easiest way is to complete our Compare Quotes form on the right side of this page. You may not get the amount of death benefit you originally desired, however you will be able to get something. Sometimes these plans do not require a medical exam.

Look for high risk term life insurance quotes instead of more expensive permanent insurance quotes. However, if you get offers on either one, I suggest you take what you can get.

Lastly, take a serious look at your lifestyles, hobbies, profession, and/or addictions, and see if you have the means and/or willpower of changing those factors that are causing you to be considered a high risk life insurance prospect.

Getting High Risk Insurance Life Insurance Approval

When an insurance applicant is in a high risk group, it is inevitable that some insurance companies simply won’t write a policy for them. To increase your chances of getting a favorable life insurance policy, apply to many companies and specifically to the best insurance companies for your personal needs.

We can do this for you just by you calling us or completing the simple quote form on the right side of this page.

There are dozens of companies that will take your application, and it may take many applications to get an offer of coverage (we will submit them – you don’t have to do this). If you are not able to find one that does the traditional health exam, you can seek out life insurance without a physical to see if you can find the policy to meet your needs.

Keep an open mind when it comes to coverage. The terms you’re offered won’t be the best rates that the company offers to those outside the high risk life insurance group, but life insurance is important for everyone to have. You may have to lower the death benefit in order to get the premium down inside your family budget for life insurance.

When you get a favorable trial offer, take advantage of it. Keep a copy of it and make sure that the company that offered it stands behind it. Keep records of all of your offers.

If you accept one and the company discovers more unfavorable health information, it may be withdrawn. With a backup offer in hand, you can simply accept a different offer.

If you have a high risk condition, call our office today to see if we can help toll-free (888) 836-7071, or complete the form on the right side of the page.