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family life insurance protectionA home is the most important part of keeping your family safe and secure.

It protects your family from the weather, keeps you safe as you sleep at night, and is the center of some of the happiest family memories you’ll have.

Getting a mortgage is one of the ways many families find their perfect home, but complicates their lives beyond need.

Family Life Insurance Company specializes in mortgage protection life insurance policies, helping your family through the tough times following a loss and ensuring you don’t lose your home in the process.

Keeping your family safe and secure is the entire reason for a life insurance policy, and Family Life Insurance has exactly the policies you need to not only provide for your family, but also keep the roof over their heads.

What is Family Life Insurance?

Working with some of the top mortgage companies in the world is what gives Family Life Insurance Co. the ability to offer a unique policy to help take care of your mortgage while also getting a dependable life insurance policy. Combining your life insurance premium and mortgage bills together is a convenience you won’t find with other insurance companies, and can help pay off your mortgage faster for companies willing to work with you.

Taking care of expenses after a family member has passed on can be difficult, and most life insurance policies are meant to take care of that problem, but a mortgage life insurance policy also helps pay on whatever is left of the mortgage on your home as well.

A little extra can go a long way is adding security for your family when you’re gone, and the same policy available to you and your spouse is also available for your children as well. Protecting your family and your home doesn’t have to be two separate jobs, and Family Life Insurance Co. makes taking care of them both much simpler.

How Long Has Family Life Insurance Been in Business?

With a history of dependable mortgage life insurance policies since 1949, Family Life Insurance Co. has the experience and expertise you’d expect from any top-notch company. They know what rates work to ensure you get the best premium and can help you select the best policy, whether you want a term life, whole life, universal life, or variable universal life policy.

Providing security and peace of mind for your family means having a life insurance company you can trust and depend on, and Family Life Insurance Co. is exactly that. Check out our page for a company reviews to learn more about what other great companies have to offer, such as Banner Life Insurance.

Mortgages and Life insurance

If you think about it, your salary and your house are two of the biggest financial aspects you have have, income and expense-wise. These are two of the biggest financial decisions of your life, and you need the company that is going to give you the best products for these decisions.

More than likely, a mortgage payment is one of the biggest debts you’d leave to our dependents. Having a policy which covers, at a minimum, this amount, can help you leave your family in the home they already feel most secure.

Every year there are countless heartbreaking stories of a family that has lost a loved one unexpectedly. What makes these stories worse is the part where the deceased didn’t have life or mortgage protection, which means that their family was stuck with a pile of new bills they have little to no way of paying.

Have enough coverage will give you the peace of mind knowing that whatever happens in the future, your family will have the resources they need to get through.

Family Life Insurance Co.

The insurance company offers several products to choose from to fit your family’s needs. One of the most notable products is the Mortgage Protection Insurance and Family Protection EZ. This plan will provide a plan with $250,000 of insurance coverage.

One notable benefit to this policy is that you can name the lending company the beneficiary of the plan, which reduces the amount of stress and additional work your loved ones will have to do.

As an additional bonus to this plan, you can also add several riders that can provide life insurance coverage. Combining these two plans will make your payments rolled into one bill. The less paperwork that your family has to deal with after the passing of a loved one is better. When people are going through a difficult time in their lives, simple things can become overwhelming. Dealing with insurance isn’t the easiest thing, especially for a grieving spouse or child.

Aside from their Mortgage Protection Insurance and Family Protection EZ plan, Family Life Insurance Co. offers several basic and premium life insurance plans for you and your loved ones.The company has been providing coverage to families across the United States for years. In most cases, applicants are surprised to see how affordable their coverage is.

If you don’t have an adequate plan that will cover the costs of your mortgage and other final expenses, don’t wait any longer. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Even if Family Life Insurance Co. isn’t the company that works perfectly for you, we would like to help you find the one that does.

Simply fill out our quote form and we can provide you with the lowest quotes for your particular situation.