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Im excited to hosting this weeks Cavalcade of Risk blog carnival.

In case you haven’t gathered, “risk” is the theme. Better yet, preventing risk.

Here’s a look at the top risk prevention posts of the week:

Michael @ Excess Return presents Manage Your Trading Risk posted at Excess Return.

  • Summary: You manage your risk across your life, and should afford your investments the same level of respect. Whether you trade actively or passively, by taking necessary risk management measures you will increase the performance of your portfolio and decrease potential losses.

Emily Holbrook @ Risk Management Monitor presents The Key to an Effective ERM Program.

  • Summary: What is the key to an effective ERM program? Culture. That’s according to Diana Del Bel Beluz of Risk Wise, Inc.<http://www.riskwise.ca/about-us.html> Her session at the 2012 RIMS Canada Conference<http://rimscanadaconference.ca/> focused on the culture of an organization and how it can make or break a company’s ERM program.

David E. Williams @ Health Business Blog presents An Alternative to Having “Skin in the Game”

  • Summary: When patients understand the benefits and risks of different treatments they tend to make the right choices. They don’t need so much “skin in the game” in terms of financial responsibility. A better understanding of risks –not just benefits –is enough

Louise @ Colorado Health Insurance Insider presents Most Colorado Residents Have Health Insurance.

  • Summary: “This article about the state of healthcare and health insurance in Colorado is an interesting one, and it provides plenty of good, factual information. However, I was a bit perplexed by a quote from Dr. Ned Calonge, president and CEO of The Colorado Trust, who says “We’re reaching a tipping point where there will be more people who are uninsured than are insured.” This comes after some statistics that highlighted the decline in the number of Colorado residents who get health insurance from their employers: currently 57.8% of employers, compared with 63.7% two years ago.

Jeff Root @ Life Insurance Blog presents Life Insurance for Parents.

  • Summary: Beware of the risks involved when buying life insurance for your parents. Life insurance death benefits can become taxable in situations where there are multiple children that own the life insurance policy on their parents (Goodman Triangle). There are also stricter financial underwriting guidelines. Here are tips to structure your policy correctly when buying life insurance on your parents.

Super Saver presents Protecting Principal posted at My Wealth Builder.

  • Summary: The stock market feels like 2007 all over again. It peaked and then fell precipitously. This time, I’m going to manage the risk of a market decline (hopefully:-) better.

Russell Hutchinson presents Challenges in Putting The Client First.

  • Summary: When you meet a client that wants one thing, but actually needs another, which do you focus on? Russell Hutchinson explains why we need to bring these two areas together or else the results are likely to be unhappy.

Hank Stern presents LifeBridge at 10 posted at InsureBlog.

  • Summary: InsureBlog interviews a VP at MassMutual about their program which provides free life insurance to struggling families.

[email protected] presents Do I need earthquake insurance? posted at Personal Financial Management.

  • Summary: Particularly relevant in our home city of San Francisco, the question of whether earthquake insurance is worth it is nevertheless one every homeowner should consider.


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