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Welcome to the 202nd edition of Cavalcade of Risk. Can’t believe it’s over 200 editions!

Here’s this weeks inclusions:

Jason Fisher presents The Complete Life Insurance Riders Guide posted at Waterway Financial Group blog. To help consumers understand a life insurance policy can do more than just pay a benefit when you die. There are other benefits which can help you while you’re still living, whether it’s to help you convert to a new product seamlessly, or to cover an additional risk like disability, critical illness or a long term care situation. Utilizing life insurance riders effectively can help you mitigate risks in multiple areas of your financial life and help you to secure your financial foundation now, as well as later.

Nate Ogden presents Self Funding and Community Rating posted at Insure Blog. Nate Ogden, InsureBlog’s resident Third Party Administrator (TPA), explains how to use self-funding to mitigate the risk of higher ACA-related insurance rates.

Bob Wilson presents The Looming $20 Billion MSA Train Wreck: Welcome Aboard posted at From Bob’s Cluttered Desk. After all the fuss and fury over creating MSA’s to protect Medicare and the taxpayer that funds it, it turns out we may not be as protected as we thought….

Jeff Root presents Type 2 Diabetic Life Insurance Case Studies posted at Rootfin Life Insurance Blog. Life insurance underwriting for type 2 diabetics is improving as medical advances are. We detail 2 recent diabetic cases where the market shows more favorable underwriting than we’ve ever seen.

Claire Wilkinson presents Data Breaches Becoming More Damaging posted at Terms + Conditions Blog. Target-like data breaches are making the headlines and happening with increasing regularity. But in the wake of a breach, how likely are you to become a victim of fraud? The just-released 2014 Identity Fraud Report by Javelin Strategy & Research reveals that data breaches are now the greatest risk factor for identity fraud. In 2013, one in three consumers who received notification of a data breach became a victim of fraud, up from one in four in 2012.

Jason Shafrin presents Coming to a town near you posted at the Healthcare Economist. Some pharmacies are starting to stop selling cigarettes. Will this reduce smoking rates? The Healthcare Economist is skeptical.

Michael Stack presents Why Work Comp Claims Go On, and On, and On… posted at Workers Comp Roundup. Every self-insured employer who has been managing their own workers’ compensation claims program for 3 years or more have “old dog” claims, or for the politically correct folks, legacy claims. Learn the top cause for these expensive claims.

David Williams presents How 23AndMe got into trouble posted at Health Business Blog. Any purveyor of a novel service or technology is at risk of getting slapped down by regulators, as genetic testing service 23AndMe found out recently. In this case the company deserved what it got —the company makes basic errors that can cause serious harm.