Carnival of Personal Finance – Edition #386

by Jeff Rose on November 5, 2012 · 8 comments

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Life Insurance by Jeff presents: Welcome to the 386th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.   As usual, there were so many good entries if was hard to weed them down to the “best of”.

Best of the Rest

  • FMF from Free Money Finance presents Make Millions More: The Difference 1% Can Make, and says, “There’s no doubt about it: managing our careers for maximum growth can have a huge financial payoff. All you need to do is look at the numbers to see that this is true.”
  • Matt Bell from Sound Mind Investing presents Bringing Good-to-Great Focus to Your Finances, and says, “All of the companies profiled in the business classic “Good to Great” had an obsessive focus on one thing. It’s a principle that applies to personal finances as well.”
  • Lance from Money Life and More presents Be Prepared for Weather Emergencies, and says, “If you are ever in the way of a major weather disaster and you are advised to evacuate, you should do so if at all possible. Your safety is the most important thing. It will cost money and you might have to incur credit card debt but none of that matters if you aren’t safe. “
  • Emily from PT Money Personal Finance presents My Experience: Solid Plan or Total Scam?, and says, “ is endorsed by several celebrities, so is it a legitimate home business opportunity or just another multi-level marketing scheme?”

Remaining Entrees

  • Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents 65 Home Business Ideas You Can Do From Your Kitchen Table, and says, “Before you get excited about starting your home based business idea, you first have to make sure you have the right tools in place. The main tool is a speedy Internet connection. Most home based businesses will require some sort of Internet connection. With a good Internet connection, you can also take care of a phone and fax. Isn’t technology great?
  • Ray from Squirrelers presents Cars for Teens: Don’t Spoil Them With Expensive Vehicles, and says, “When we’re younger, getting a car might be a big deal. However, it’s better for a teen to drive a boring, safe car than one that’s expensive and cool. Better, that is, for their long-term future!”
  • TTMK from Tie the Money Knot presents Broken Engagement: Who Gets to Keep the Ring?, and says, “A broken engagement can not only lead to the end of a relationship, but also the beginning of controversy about who gets to keep the ring.”
  • Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents Are Mutual Funds Good or Evil?, and says, “Are mutual funds good investments given all the alternatives you have like index funds and ETF’s? This is a good and sensible question.”
  • Money Thinker from Money Thinking presents Preparing for Winter Emergencies, and says, “In light of Hurricane Sandy, Money Thinker shares some tips on keeping safe in winter weather emergencies. “
  • Money Walks from Money Walks presents 4 Questions to Ask When Considering a Credit Card, and says, “Considering a credit card? Money Walks shares 4 questions you should ask yourself when looking to get a credit card. “
  • Darwin from Darwin’s Money presents How Much is Too Much to Leave Your Kids?, and says, “How Much is Too Much to Leave Your Kids? This article delves into estate taxes and personal responsibility to understand.”
  • Nicoleandmaggie from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Half Tenured presents How much do you get to choose where you live? A deliberately controversial post., and says, “Nicole and Maggie discuss the old chestnut that you can have a job you like, live with your spouse, and/or live where you like. But you pick 2 out of 3. Readers weigh in with the trade-offs they’ve made.”
  • Lou Rodriguez from The Amateur Consumer presents What’s More Important; Having Cash or Saving Your Credit?, and says, “In this post I explain the events that conspired to put me on the road to credit and financial hell and then ask; if you were in my shoes, what would you have done and what’s more important; having cash or saving your credit?”
  • Young from Young and Thrifty presents Top Five Personal Finance Books You Should Read, and says, “I began my foray into personal finance through reading personal finance books. Although I was dabbling in personal finance already before reading personal finance books (and of course, not completely understanding it), it wasn’t until my friend told me about a book called The Wealthy Barber that I became really interested in personal finance and investing.”
  • Teacher Man from My University Money presents How To Choose The Best Student Accommodation, and says, “Once a student has decided what they want to study and where, the next big decision they have to make is where they are going to live during the time of their study.”
  • Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Even If Open Enrollment Hasn’t Started Yet, You Should Still Start Planning, and says, “Even if you haven’t gotten your 2013 plan details, you need to start planning. Here’s a good start.”
  • Bret from Hope to Prosper presents Stocks and Other Misadventures, and says, “For twenty years, I cruised along comfortably with my mutual funds, and they performed well above the market averages. Then, I got the bright idea to open a brokerage account.”
  • D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents Asset Allocation For Income Investors, and says, “When to buy a stock and at what price are very important decisions. However, serious investors will tell you the most important decision is how you allocate your assets. As I approach retirement, I routinely step back consider my asset allocation and how well it is working for me…”
  • Liana Arnold from Card Hub Blog presents How Consumers Can Avoid Hurricane Banking Fees, and says, “There are a number of ways that you can stormproof your personal finances, so to speak. While they might not all still be relevant to Hurricane Sandy, they’ll certainly prove helpful in anticipation of future natural disasters.
  • John from Wallet Blog presents Is the Housing Market On Its Way Back?, and says, “Signs of improvement in the housing market are beginning to show. But does that mean the market is actually getting better? What should buyers and homeowners be looking for?
  • Big Cajun Man from THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog presents Why is it Taking so Long? (Debt Reduction), and says, “Debt reduction and weight reduction have a great deal in common, but the rates on reduction are where the similarities diverge.”
  • Louis from Wallet Hub presents Secured Credit Cards, and says, “What’s a secured credit card and why use one? Check out this helpful guide, especially if you are trying to build or restore your credit in order to move on to bigger and better things.
  • J.P. from Novel Investor presents Can You Trade If The Stock Market Closes?, and says, “The stock market doesn’t close unexpectedly very often. On days when the market is scheduled to open, there are ways to trade even when it’s closed.”
  • Pam Whitlock from The MoneyTrail Blog presents The Accidental Savings Plan, and says, “Teaching kids to save their money can be a difficult task. We recently stumbled onto a savings method that has my son clinging to his cash.”
  • pfblogger from Personal Cents presents Are You a Job Hopper?, and says, “Are you a job hopper? Pfblogger explores some issues you may deal with if you can’t hold down a job. “
  • Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Four Easy Ways to Save on Basic Necessities, and says, “The American culture is wrought with excessive spending so it is no surprise that the typical household overspends on necessities such as food, gas, utilities, and phone usage. Check out the following ways in which you can save on these expenses.”
  • Colin Williams from humble savers presents How Women Can Reclaim Their Wealth, and says, “How women can balance the family dynamics and keep on track with their finances.”
  • Peter from Bible Money Matters presents The Best High-Yield Online Savings Accounts for 2012, and says, “It’s been a while since I did a post talking about which accounts are currently the best available, so today I thought I would do a post summarizing what I think are the current best savings accounts out there for most people.”
  • John S from Frugal Rules presents How to Spend Money Like the Government, and says, “Spending with no concern of our own financial well- being might be fun for a while, but in the end will result in certain debt. That’s why it’s important to not look to our government for budgeting practices and instead live below our means.”
  • Robert from The College Investor presents Cast Your Vote Based on Your Current Situation, Not Your Aspirations, and says, “For most, the biggest issue in the election revolves around taxes and the economy. Personally, I think this is where the candidates have the biggest difference in policies as well. What I’ve found interesting in my many discussions with friends and family is that what appeals to them isn’t necessarily what is best for them. Here’s what I mean…”
  • Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey from My Personal Finance Journey presents Are Men or Women Better Investors?, and says, “Setting aside the misleading stereotypes, this post answers the question “are men or women better investors?”. Taking into consideration the stock and mutual fund investing track records for both men and women, this post put the stereotypes at rest once and for all.”
  • Clint from Accumulating Money presents 7 Surprising Reasons You Haven’t Paid Off Your Student Loans Yet, and says, “For the first time ever, student loans have surpassed credit cards as the largest source of debt among American households.”
  • Martin from Studenomics presents What to Do After College If You Can’t Find a Job, and says, “How to survive in your 20s when you can’t find work.”
  • Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Is a Four Hour Work Week Attainable?, and says, “Is it possible to only work a limited amount of hours?”
  • Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents Should You Solely Focus on Your Student Loans?, and says, “How serious are you about your student loans?”
  • Pete from Intelligent Speculator presents What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Your Retirement Income Flows?, and says, “How secure is your retirement income? Are you protected?”
  • Scott Skyles from presents Assisting Homeowners in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy, and says, “Hurricane Sandy has been dubbed “The Perfect Storm”, meaning it contained the perfect combination of weather conditions to cause a major catastrophe. To date, Sandy has contributed to 75 deaths, the loss of power to over 8 million residents, and countless flight cancellations. “
  • Mike from Experiglot presents When Do You Give up on a Crappy Job?, and says, “How you can quit a job you hate.”
  • MD from Start Freelancing Now presents How You Can Still Freelance When You Have No Time to Spare, and says, “How to make money with little free time.”
  • Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents This is How You Should Invest Your Next 10K In Dividend Stocks, and says, “How you can invest your money next.”
  • Pauline from Reach Financial Independence presents Breeding cattle as an investment, and says, “Breeding cattle is a non traditional investment that can help you diversify your assets. Here are the details and returns on my cattle investment.”
  • Jason Price from One Money Design presents Is Time More Important Than Money?, and says, “A recent online survey done by Mom Corps, a staffing firm, shows that 42% of working adults are willing to give up a portion of their salary to have more flexibility at work. Do you think time is more important than money?
  • Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents 11 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter, Conserve Energy, and Save Money, and says, “Before the winter cold hits you want to make sure you have done what you can to prepare your home for winter to both conserve energy and save money. See 11 ways you can do this.
  • Glen from Credit Card Smarts presents Credit Card vs. Charge Card: What’s the Difference?, and says, “We tend to forget that credit cards and charge cards are different animals. Even though they are similar you need to know what makes each different.
  • Shawna from Money Misfit presents Dealing With Fundraising & Donation Requests When Paying Down Debt.
  • Michael from Financial Ramblings presents The Stock Market Game and the State of Financial Education, and says, “My son has been playing the stock market game at school. Unfortunately, while it’s admirable that schools are trying to teach kids about the stock market, this game (imho) does more harm than good.”
  • Jill from Make Money Make Cents presents Avoiding the Perils of Lifestyle Inflation, and says, “Learn to budget that extra money.”

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