Why Choose an Independent Life Insurance Agent

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Independent Life Insurance AgentFor the many in search of life insurance, an independent life insurance agent can play a vital part in obtaining the best policy.

An exclusive agent is only able to offer insurance options from one company.

An independent agent can offer insurance alternatives from a number of carriers.

This has some similarities to the way that some insurance agencies will compare the rates of other companies.

What makes going through an independent agent more valuable than just receiving rate comparisons is that an agent can compare all the ins and outs of life insurance policies available through various companies.

Going through an agent can take a lot of the tedium out of wading through each insurer’s health and lifestyle requirements, premiums, coverage and the like.

 Why Choose an Independent Agent

If a person seeking life insurance has conditions that might make obtaining a policy difficult, an independent life insurance agent may be able to assist in easing that process.  An independent agent that concentrates in this area is known as an impaired risk specialist.  This type of independent agent is well versed in the nuances of policies offered by several companies.

One insurance company may be more likely to insure someone with a heart health issues or be more prone to insure someone with a history substance misuse.  One insurance company may be willing to offer more affordable premiums to someone who enjoys skydiving than any of the others.  Some specialists can even pave the way with inquiries to companies before making an official submission.  Whatever the case may be, an independent agent can navigate this so that a high risk client gets the best insurance choice possible.

 No Conflict of Compensation

Since an independent life insurance agent is considered an independent contractor, the agent draws no salary from any of the insurance companies that they represent.  They work on a commission basis and as such have less interest in making sure that a person looking to be insured sign up with one particular company or another.  This also increases the chances that both the insurer and the insured are pleased with their match.  Through an independent agent, a person seeking to be insured may end up with the most suitable life insurance policy for them being with a company that hadn’t even been previously considered.  This is also a way for insurance companies to reach out to previously untapped markets.

 Finding an Independent Life Insurance Agent

Through a bit of searching online, someone in search of life insurance can find an independent agent to work with.  There are even independent insurance agencies through which one can find an agent.   Anyone working as an independent agent has have proper state certification to sell life insurance in that state.  An independent agent also has to have the permission of the insurance companies in order to represent them.  For those looking to work with an independent agent, there are methods to verify an agent’s certification in that state.  If an independent life insurance agent is needed, the right one for the job can be found.

What Make us Different?

As an independent life insurance company we have the ability to choose from over 90 different companies.  We have no loyalty to any one insurance company; we choose the best insurance company that’s going to give our clients the best rate, period.   If you’re tired of your insurance agent not being able to get you affordable life insurance in a prompt manner, I suggest you give us a try.

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