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Foresters Life Insurance Company Review

by Jeff Rose on October 12, 2012 · 11 comments

Update:Due to an increasing amount of complaints that we have received from existing clients of Forrester’s, we can no longer recommend them in good conscience. If you’re having difficulty making a claim with them, we would suggest you contact your state’s insurance commissioners office. If you are considering taking out a policy with them, I would entertain other companies.

Foresters Life InsuranceWhen it comes to a Foresters Life Insurance Company Review, there is no other life insurance company that has compassion and understanding for those who want to make sure their loved ones are covered in times of distress.

Forester Life Insurance covers real estate planning and mortgage coverage.

All of those areas are important whenever it comes to having a solid plan that offers coverage to people.

Those looking for the right policy can find affordable premiums that can fit within any budget range and all coverage and payouts will be honored should the worse happen.

Forester’s Insurance Company

When pertaining to a Forester’s Life Insurance Company Review, Forester’s Life is one of the few companies with a small, cozy atmosphere where agents understand and are able to meet the needs of policy holders needs. The Forester staff is friendly and approachable. There is the human factor when it comes to Forester’s Life Insurance Review, and customers are sure to be treated with respect and integrity. Forester’s Life Insurance is a professional company that will give honest and affordable rates to those who are looking for life insurance on a budget.

With Forester’s Life Insurance, a policy is more affordable. Often times when people undergo budget constraints, an insurance policy is usually one of the first things to go. Forester’s Life Insurance recognizes that many people are undergoing hard times and are willing to work with those who may be struggling to keep up payments or those who are looking for an affordable premium on a budget. Forester’s Life Insurance has a long history of providing benefits and coverage to working families.

Life insurance should not be a commodity reserved for those who have the most money. It extended to everyone who has a family in case the worst happens. No one wants to leave their families in high financial distress if the bread winner of the house has passed on. Families will have to go through the extra burden of finding a way to keep up bills along with coping with the loss of a loved one.

Nothing can bring a loved one back, but decent life insurance coverage is a necessary step in making sure that families will not have to suffer under a sea of debt and bills. Foreclosure and having the electricity or water turned is not something that people should have to go through for those who have suffered a loss.  With Forester’s Life Insurance, this will not happen. The company will ensure that families are protected. The amount of property and coverage is enough for families to stay afloat.

Forester’s Insurance Products

Forester’s offers several different type of simplified issued life insurance products.   These type of policies just ask simplified health questions to determine if you are even eligible.  They will request doctor records.   But they don’t require an exam, labs and don’t even ask height and weight.   There products fit the description of no exam life insurance.

The products are the PlanRight series and they offer a Level, Graded, and Modified insurance product.   Both the PlanRight Level and Graded will be issue to ages 50-85, whereas the Modified is 50-80.  Each contract comes with a $36 policy fee.

Forester’s does not issue big face amounts on their policies.  Their minimum face amount is $2k for each policy while the max is $35k for the Level plan.

Forester’s Life Insurance is a compassionate company that prides itself by being on the side of those who work and need to provide the right amount of protection for their families. Overall, when it comes to a Forester’s Life Insurance Company Review, this life insurance company is better equipped to handle working families and to accommodate budgets of all types. No one should have to go without life insurance when they have a family to support.

Update:Due to an increasing amount of complaints that we have received from existing clients of Forrester’s, we can no longer recommend them in good conscience. If you’re having difficulty making a claim with them, we would suggest you contact your state’s insurance commissioners office. If you are considering taking out a policy with them, I would entertain other companies.

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susan January 8, 2013 at 5:21 am

i currently work for foresters and i would not recommend this company to any of anyone.
i have worked with some other insurance carriers such as sunlife and manulife with john hancock.
claims process take too long because foresters will dispute every claim that is submitted to them. even to send claim forms to our customers, it will take 3 weeks of processing time. not to mention the mailing time from canada.
agents lie to their customers for an easy sale because commissions are advanced. i receive complaints every single day about this issue. it is a growing concern that management will not address.
we over draft on premiums from our customers` account on a regular basis. its not hard to see that our drafting system is flawed.
mismanagement in every department would be an understatement.
your complaints are not handled properly. your inquiry to ““are handled by new and inexperience customer service reps. that do not know company procedures or products. often they will agree to anything if the client will push back hard enough.


mohamed February 18, 2013 at 3:02 am

Thanks susan for the info ..I just started with them made the first payment ..but was suspicious about few things but now I am sure…I am going to cancel my policy and my wife’s as early as tomorrow .. please let me know more if you have more to tell …Thanks


Kanny June 29, 2014 at 11:51 pm

Hi Mohamed, what things were you suspicious about with Foresters? My grandmother is entertaining the thought of joining up, but she wanted me to do research about them first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Randy May 11, 2013 at 8:49 pm

I’m glad to find this site, my experience with Foresters insurance has not been a good one. I talked to an agent at my house and told him not to bill me until I told him to- my SSI check each month is not very much. He went ahead anyway and billed me for the insurance. The bank paid them and charged me a $35 overdraft fee. That’s been about two months ago. I put a stop payment on my acct but it was to late. I have called them about 4 times asking for my money back, they said it would be back in my bank acct within a week. It never happened and they just tell me that they have to write a check (checks in the mail) and it could take 2 months to do that. The amount of the check is $45 and the overdraft fee is $35. The asses took the money out of my acct electronicly but say they don’t-can’t do the refund like that…Please tell the folks that are thinking of dealing with these people to NOT give them your routing # until you are ready. I’m STILL looking for my payment back and have been amazed at how many excuses that comes from a different representative every time I call. I will never tell my friends how I got ripped off, but I can tell the public…Thanks for your time- had to vent on this worthless greedy excuse for burial insurance…Sincerely–Randy–


Kimberly June 14, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Yep, an agent sold me a policy for 3 kids telling me they would get college scholorships and when I got the policies and found out this was a competive scolorship and called him he basically told me, well you already paid for the year and it is too late to get your money back so you might as well hang onto them. Really? It had been only 2 weeks when I called! They stole from me and will not return my premiums for the rest of the year and I currently have a complaint in with the BBB, they are taking their sweet time about answering too. I would not recommend them to anyone!

This is how they treat a widow! taking advantage of my grief and stealing what I had left in savings. Nice


bridget September 9, 2013 at 4:27 pm

we are trying to get them to pay my moms 10k policy its been 7 months and counting? take heed to these warning and tell everybody you know and have them tell everyone they know it is the only way the most needed among us can be saved and spare the lies the company present upfront.
thank you for sharing


Lisa November 24, 2013 at 6:49 am

I just wanted to leave a note on here also. I had purchased a life insurance policy from Foresters over 30 years ago. At first everything was ok. The rep that I always talked to was very informing of all aspects of my policy. Not pushy, or constantly calling to see if your ready to sign up, etc.

After having the policy for about 20 years, I decided to roll my 401K over through Foresters and have it put into a Roth IRA. I was assured everything was complete, no papers to sign, nothing else to be done. The second year I called them because I had not received my year end statement, and I needed to withdraw money to pay for medical expenses, and to be able to survive. This is what this money was set aside for after working so many years.

Well, this is where it all started. They had put my money into the wrong type of IRA. I was at the point of loosing my Life Insurance, because they said that with my extra account, the maintenance fee was more each month, and had my life insurance account connected to my IRA account, and that’s where the maintenance fee’s were being drawn from. Because they put my money in the wrong IRA, I was going to be penalized for any withdrawl I made, plus the taxes, plus there 10% fee, plus I would have to report it as income, and pay taxes on the amount withdrawn also. Then to have what was left moved into the correct type of IRA, I was going to have to pay the maintenance fee upfront, the fee would be determined by the amount to be moved.

Do you believe that!

And here’s the kicker…..I could not get anyone to call me back, my rep was not returning messages. I just happen to run into him at the bank in town, or I would have never had known, as he told me all the sales reps had been let go from the company. The company said they didn’t need them anymore.

I asked him how safe my money was,(the little bit I had left after they got through), He said if I was you, I would get it out of Foresters as fast as you can. He was right. It’s all gone but $1000.00 which I leave in there just to taunt them, and keep my foot in their door, no life insurance, no IRA, no retirement or emergency money what so ever. This is just a short version of everything that has happened because of Foresters, but please don’t anyone use them for anything!

As the note above reads, Update: !!!! Due to an increasing amount of complaints that we have received from existing clients of Forrester’s, we can no longer recommend them in good conscience. If you’re having difficulty making a claim with them, we would suggest you contact your state’s insurance commissioners office. If you are considering taking out a policy with them, I would entertain other companies.


Ivie Walker January 9, 2014 at 7:12 pm

I have been working in the insurance business for about a year now and have found that most agents brokers that I have met are slick and fast. They will tell you anything they think you want to hear to make a sale. It does not matter which company it is. Most do not comply to the laws. I was told to get with the program when I would not behave in the same manner.


Sandy lough February 19, 2014 at 1:35 am

My father suddenly died and had a policy with forresters. after months of calling and begging, they won’t even send the paperwork …. So I am driving to there Toronto office until they answer me.


Maggie Back March 28, 2014 at 3:10 am

Please advise how this ended up with you. My brother passed away two months ago, left a $10k policy and the claim application “mailed” never arrived I had to call Canada’s office to get them to fax it to me. The check now has been “in the mail” for 9 days (i was told I would get it from 7-10 days)
I am willing to fly to Canada Also and sit there until they hand me the check. I will not let
them scam my poor brother who being poor kept this policy because I had debts I aquired on his behalf. I am going to lose my credit if I dont get this money. I am grieving my brother and
going through this ordeal IS NOT FAIR .. I am writing the the FLorida State Insurance Commissioner.

PLEASE ADVISE OR ANYONE who had to fly out to Canada to collect the life ins proceeds!!!

thank you


Emmett irby May 21, 2014 at 6:23 pm

Foresters ins. Is a complete scam And they are well aware of what they are . even the people that work for themadmit to their scam !!!! everyone that’s ever heard of foresters insurance please do not fall for there scandalous ways !!!!!!!!


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