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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Versus Universal Life: Which One Is For You?

The insurance market today has many options that are geared towards addressing numerous needs for individuals and families considering life insurance. Whole life and universal life are two popular permanent life insurance products to choose from. The products under these two umbrellas address a need for lifelong coverage as opposed to the temporary “term” coverage, […]

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Cheap Whole Life Insurance

The economics conditions from Wall Street to Main Street, combined with AG38 regulations that are sweeping the universal life insurance market, are rousing an interest in cheap whole life insurance. Why Whole Life Now? Whole life offers cash value buildup, a story that’s meaningful for many families looking for low-risk savings avenues. Whole life insurance […]

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Ordinary Life Insurance

Ordinary life insurance, also known as straight life insurance or whole life insurance, is defined as “insurance on the life of the insured for a fixed amount at a definite premium that is paid each year in the same amount during the entire lifetime of the insured.” Although calling this type of insurance “ordinary” life […]

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36 Year-Old Tobacco User – Whole Life Vs Index Universal Life Policy

Recently, I had a friend of mine who had an existing whole life insurance policy that he was exploring other options. The policy was with Country Companies and had a $100,000 face value. His annual premiums were $1436 and had a total cash surrender value of $1745.35. He had the policy since he was 31 […]

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Whole Life Insurance vs Term Life Insurance

What’s the best? Whole Life or Term Life Insurance For Your 3o’s? Many people say term is cheap and the cost of whole life insurance doesn’t make it worth it. But who’s right? There’s one thing for certain, as you begin to get older life insurance becomes more important to you. You have more things […]

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Whole Life Insurance Rates

When shopping for life insurance you will find, as with many other things, you have some options to research and think about before making a decision. Especially with something as large of a purchase as life insurance, it is good to be well informed before deciding which policy is right for you. Whole life insurance […]

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Whole Life Insurance Advice- When Should You Purchase?

When shopping for life insurance, the options between permanent, or whole life insurance and term life insurance can be confusing. You need to first decide where you are at in life, and what your long term goals with the insurance are. If it is something you want to keep for a long period of time, […]

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