What’s the best? Whole Life or Term Life For Your 3o’s? Many people say term is cheap and the cost of whole life insurance doesn’t make it worth it.cost of whole life insurance premiums

But who’s right?

Well the answer is not as simple. There’s one thing for certain, as you begin to get older life insurance becomes more important to you.

You have more things that you need to take care of if something were to happen to you.  Paying off your mortgage, kids college savings, and any debt you have can be a burden that you do not want your family to deal with if the unthinkable happens. [click to continue…]


Losing a loved one can be devastating and stressful, but having funeral expenses that you can’t pay for makes the experience even worse. Discussing funerals is not necessarily anyone’s favorite topic, but it is one that you must have. The average cost of a funeral has continued to rise, reaching around $8,500 in 2015. There are several expenses that families forget to account for when planning a funeral. Services like embalming, memorial services, transportation, and flowers, all of these costs can add up quickly. [click to continue…]


Banner Life Insurance Company Review – Is This The Right Company For You?

With all the competition in the market, insurance companies have to have a way to stand out more than ever now. Companies like Banner Life that bring exceptional service to clients, receiving an A+ from A.M. Best, stand out exactly as needed. More than a company that can set itself apart from the others, you […]

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How to Get A Cheap Life Insurance Policy in 2016

Obtaining a cheap life insurance policy can be easy to do with the proper research and knowledge. I hope by now you realize you need to buy term life insurance. If you have any intentions of taking care of your family and their best interests, then it should be a non-issue. Now that we have […]

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Review of Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Life insurance is an important component of any good financial plan. This is because it can help you to protect the assets that you have built, as well as the people that you love. The proceeds from a good, solid life insurance policy can provide ongoing income for a spouse and children so that they […]

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Review of Lincoln General Life Insurance Company

When purchasing life insurance coverage, it is important to determine what type of policy – as well as how much in death benefit (face amount) – will be right for you and your survivors. Certainly, the purpose of having life insurance is to ensure that those who are left behind can go on, especially during […]

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Five Life Insurance Riders You Need To Be Aware Of

Life insurance is like most other products and services that are available. You can get the basic product, but you can also add different options to your policy. In the insurance industry, those options are commonly referred to as riders. You should be aware that any rider will come with an extra charge in your […]

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Areas Where Entrepreneurs May Need Life Insurance

Everyone needs to have life insurance. But when you’re a business owner, life insurance needs are much more specific. You may find that you need to have several policies, each designed for a very specific purpose. Life Insurance For All of the Usual Reasons This is the basic life insurance coverage that you need to […]

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How to Get Approved for a $5,000,000 Term Life Insurance Policy

When deciding upon a life insurance program, especially when considering a five million dollar policy, it is important to shop around in order to find the insurer that fits both your needs as well as your budget. Policies can range quite a bit from company to company and this is why it is crucial that […]

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Life Insurance with Athlete’s Heart

If you are a serious athlete, you might have a condition known as athlete’s heart. This is when your heart becomes enlarged because it has adapted to your intense training. While athlete’s heart doesn’t cause any health problems, it can become an issue when you apply for life insurance because this condition makes it look […]

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