Banner Life Insurance Company Review – Is This The Right Company For You?

by Jeff Rose on October 23, 2013 · 6 comments

With all the competition in the market, insurance companies have to have a way to stand out more than ever now.

Companies like Banner Life that bring exceptional service to clients, receiving an A+ from A.M. Best, stand out exactly as needed.

More than a company that can set itself apart from the others, you want a company that will help you get the best policy you can.

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At first look, term and universal life policies are the only plans available from Banner Life, but what they lack in variety, they make up for by providing term and universal policies with features unlike any others.

If you know exactly what type of policy you need, and Banner Life can provide it, it’s worth checking to see what they can offer.

What Sets Banner Life Apart From the Competition?

Banner Life Insurance Company ReviewThe first thing that sets their term life insurance policy apart from those of other companies is the flexibility of payment options and term limits for each option on the policy.

Beyond that, each term life policy from Banner Life is available to all clients up to age 95, far past the usual 65-75 where other companies begin refusing policies.

Each policy has a guaranteed level premium for the duration of your term period, and reapplication is an easy process when your term is over. Term life insurance is a basic life insurance, something the majority of people choose for their policy, bringing an excellent new level of service to a plan that most people depend on shows how Banner Life has genuine concern for their clients at the heart of their business.

Customization is important for clients to find the right policy for them, and Banner Life’s universal life policy is perfect for customization. Choose smaller premiums for a short term or get a permanent policy for a slightly higher premium, the choice is yours. Both short-term and permanent policies are guaranteed. What makes a short term universal policy great is the ability to pay for a lifetime of insurance over a short term, usually 10-15 years.

Imagine ensuring a stable life insurance policy for you and your family, permanently, when you can afford to pay it all off. A dependable, customizable permanent life insurance plan in addition to an excellent term life plan shows how Banner Life cares about clients.

Why I Chose Banner Life

banner term life insurance policyOver the years I had purchased different term policies with each major life event.

I bought a policy when I first got married. Another policy after our first son.

Then another one after our second son.

I recently just refinanced my life insurance policies consolidating my ING, Met-Life, and Transamerica polices all in one large term life policy with Banner Life.

I was able to get $250k more coverage while reducing my insurance premiums by $400 per year by going to Banner.

Banner has definitely found it’s niche in offering low priced term policies and is extremely competitive for men’s rates on term life.

Here are some sample quotes for a $250,000 term policy through Banner Life at the Preferred Plus category:


Age10 Year20 Year30 Year


Age10 Year20 Year30 Year

Another Reason to Choose Banner Life

If you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness to include a form of cancer, heart disease, or any other high-risk condition, Banner Life is the only insurance company that offers MediGuide with all their insurance policies. The cost? Nothing.

Yes, Banner is the ONLY carrier to offer MediGuide to their policyholders FREE of charge. The video below talks more about what this all about:

What is MediGuide? In a nutshell, if you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and need a second opinion from a qualified doctor, Banner will help you identify the top 3 medical centers to handle your condition. After you and your local physician have identified the appropriate medical center, MediQuide (with Banner’s help) will get you the second opinion from a top medical center that will have access to advanced technologies that your local doctor may not have.

Once again, this is all complimentary for just owning a life insurance policy through Banner. If there competitive pricing isn’t enough, this should be icing on the cake. Both of these factors contribute to us giving 5 stars for our Banner Life review.

The choice is yours, and knowing your choices helps you pick the best.

Want to see if Banner Life has the best term life rate for you? Use our free quote engine to see.
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