American General Life Insurance Company Review

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American General Life Insurance Company ReviewServing over 13 million customer, with over 160 years of experience and knowledge, American General is exactly the kind of company you want an insurance policy from.

They’re dedicated to ensuring your family has peace of mind for the days when you’re gone.

The responsibility of people putting their trust and money in American General is one they confidently embrace; bringing affordable and dependable policies to millions of clients is a service they take pride in.

As a financially solid company, one that can support the policyholders investing with them, American General has made its name known through the financial world.

Multiple Term Life Options

Improving on the service you can most depend on from any insurance company is a strategy that works for everyone, it’s a strategy American General has taken and used. With over 17 different term options you can pick the right one for you.

Most companies only let you choose between a 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 year term policy, and with 17 different options to choose from your term life policy can be exactly customized to fit your needs. Add to this already great feature a return-of-premiums, returning every cent you pay in premiums if you outlive your term.

A universal life plan from American General is a great choice for a permanent, secure policy. Already created to customize itself to its policyholder, a universal life policy brings the option of paying your premiums when you want for however much you want to pay. The value of the policy and premiums can increase over time. Index universal life insurance is a variation of universal life insurance, one specifically designed to work my indexing the interest your policy makes over time, mostly based on the performance of the policy.

Whole life insurance is often referred to as the most common permanent life insurance policy available. The American Elite Whole Life policy is perfectly suited for those who want security and protection more than anything. As long as you pay your premiums, you’re policy will be paid out upon your passing. Offered up to age 70, and with as little as $5000 available for the policy, if a whole life plan is what you’re looking for then American General can provide.

American General Overview

Just taking a look at the three most common types of insurance policies and American General has shown how it stands against the competition as an insurance company. If you don’t want to leave your family at risk and need a policy you can depend on, American General is certainly the company for you.

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