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Why You Need to Purchase Cheap Term Life Insurance

By: Jeff Rose

Term life insurance coverage may be the least expensive, easiest kind of life insurance coverage that you can buy. Term life insurance coverage is temporary, and therefore provides coverage for just a particular period of time. The period of time is typically your working years, hence why you need to buy a cheap life insurance policy to make sure your family is protected. Any life insurance coverage policy that’s not really a term policy is permanent life insurance coverage.

How Does Term Life Coverage Work?

Term life insurance is in force for a particular period that you decided. The most common terms are 10, 20 and 30 years. As long as you pay the premium, the insurance policy is in good order. The premium will never go up even if your health condition worsens.

  • A typical term life insurance coverage policy guarantees fixed rates. This means that how big obligations designed to the life insurance coverage company doesn’t change with time. A policy owner makes obligations, all equal amount, at equal times of your time (monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, or yearly, based on the organization and policy).
  • A typical term life insurance coverage policy guarantees a set dying benefit. This means that the dying benefit is going to be of a specific amount no matter how lengthy a policy has been around pressure. The insurance provider pays exactly the same amount when the insured dies throughout the very first day of coverage as though he/she dies throughout the 29th year of coverage.
  • Term life insurance coverage guidelines provide temporary coverage. For instance, a 20-year policy is supposed to provide coverage for 25 many no more. However, you will find exceptions for this temporary character.
  • The biggest complaint about term life insurance is that you continue to pay and if nothing happens to you, it’s a sunk cost. That’s not a bad thing. It’s there for the “just in case” moments of making sure your family is protected. However, you can just let your policy terminate when you no longer need it.

Compare Rates from Top Carriers in Minutes

In a matter of minutes compare multiple quotes from leading carriers.


Who Should Get Term Life Insurance Coverage?

Anyone that is looking to provide income replacement for their family should consider purchasing term life insurance.

For those who have children in your own home, carry financial obligations, or own a company, term life insurance coverage might be a great (and affordable) resource to keep. Having a wife and three sons in my household, life insurance is a must.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

When looking for life insurance coverage, you can’t really make a price comparison in the same manner a shopper does in a store. Sure if you’re in good health, then getting a cheap life insurance policy is rather easy. If you have what is determined to be a high risk condition, then the price of coverage will be different based on your medical background and how risky the life insurance company views you.

Life insurance coverage companies will conduct their own medical exam and then compare their findings to what they find in your medical records usually referred to as your Attending Physician Statement (APS).

If you’re in a good bill of health, then in only a matter of seconds, you could have term life insurance coverage quotes from a large number of competing life insurance coverage companies.

What exactly are term life insurance coverage quotes? Quotes are prices that the insurance provider offers their applicants based on their risk class, the amount of coverage sought and for the term desired. On the quote form, you provide details about your personal insurability (health class, height, weight, age, sex), and also the insurance provider will respond by suggesting how high or low your life insurance coverage rates are going to be.

Why is a term life insurance coverage quote not the same as a real offer? The most common reason is that the applicants health was not exactly what they thought it was. For example, an applicant may think they are a Preferred Plus rating class, but the insurance company has certain underwriting guidelines they must follow. Some of the most common reasons we see an increase in price is from high cholesterol, high blood pressure or some findings on their medical records that they did not disclose in the phone interview.

Getting Cheap Term Life Insurance

When you answer the health questions on the life insurance application, be as honest as possible. This will ensure that the term quote you receive is similar to the actual premium you’ll have to pay. When the insurance provider determines you don’t match the data provided around the quote form (this could happen most easily if you select any adverse health class to look), they will make an offer based on their underwriters findings. You then have the choice to accept the offer or we can take it to another carrier and see if they respond with something better. In the end, our loyalty is not to any one life insurance company; our loyalty is to our clients to help them get the cheapest life insurance policy possible.